Employment Law Attorney For Employees In California

Attorney Patricia A. Savage, with the Law Offices of Patricia A. Savage, offers legal services to protect employees in the workplace. Many of the problems that occur in the workplace are unexpected, often recurring and include issues related to the payment of wages such as: failure to pay full wages, failure to pay wages at the time of termination, failure to pay penalties and wages for missed meal and rest periods, failure to provide accurate wage statements, failure to pay overtime and/or double time compensation, failure to pay vacation, and failure to properly classify an employee as an hourly employee. Often times, employers will willfully misclassify an employee as “exempt” to avoid paying lawful overtime. If you believe you have not been fully or accurately paid all your wages, call today to protect your rights.

Other problems that cause employees difficulty are related to issues including: unwanted sexual advances and harassment, discrimination based on age wherein an older employee is targeted because of their age with ageist comments or unfairly replaced with younger workers, discrimination based on a physical and/or mental disability which requires accommodations and discrimination based on one’s national origin or race. Discrimination can take place in many forms, some not identified here, and can cause an employee severe stress. If you’ve suffered from discrimination, call today to protect your rights.

Problems in the workplace can lead to discipline and even to termination. Sometimes an employer will take disciplinary measures in retaliation against an employee who has exercised his/her rights to complain about unlawful activities in the workplace. Common complaints in the workplace can include complaints related to understaffing in health care facilities, failure to lawfully provide and secure medications, the failure to adequately train or protect employees involved with potentially dangerous equipment or in dangerous environments or other related workplace conditions that may threaten the health and/or safety of employees. There are other times when an employer will retaliate against an employee for taking lawful leave for medical issues related to the death or serious sickness of a loved one, pregnancy, or other serious and personal medical issues. Retaliation which occurs in the workplace can be actionable, and if you believe you have experienced retaliation you should call today to protect your rights.

Wrongful Termination

Have you been wrongfully terminated?

Have you been disciplined or terminated for requiring or taking lawful medical leave to care for yourself or a loved one? Contact us today.

Wage And Hours

Has your employer failed to pay you all wages, including overtime, meal and rest period payments, prevailing wages or all wages upon termination?

Have you been forced to pay for your own business expenses, misclassified or paid for your mileage during travel time? Contact us today.

Discrimination & Retaliation

Have you been discriminated against based on your age, gender, national origin, religious beliefs or disability?

Have you been disciplined or retaliated against for making a lawful complaint to your employer about workplace conditions? Contact us today.