Are you in need of superior legal representation in or around Chico, CA? Look no further than the Law Offices of Patricia A. Savage, where attorney Patricia Savage has been practicing for nearly a decade. She has focused on employment law and class action law, and has extensively dealt with wage and hour issues, as well as a variety of other issues. In addition, Patricia Savage is also well-versed in various other areas of the law, including active and civil litigation.

A shrewd and dedicated attorney, Patricia Savage dedicates herself to her clients and their cause. Unlike other attorneys, she takes the time to really familiarize herself with the situation and needs of every individual client, and is personally in charge of each and every single case. With a focus on efficiency and effectiveness, attorney Patricia Savage has a reputation for crafting solutions that are cost-effective and are in-line with each client’s individual interests.

Employment Law

Employment law in California can be a confusing mess, especially when it comes to the interactions and relationships between employees and employers. Issues such as wage theft, wrongful termination, employee misconduct, and dangerous workplace conditions can lead to lengthy and expensive litigation.

Attorney Patricia A. Savage is experienced in representing both employees and employers in various legal matters. For more information, click on the following links:

Employment Law For Employers

When dealing with employment law in California, there are a variety of factors and contextual elements that can cause conflict in the workplace and may lead to lengthy, expensive, and troublesome litigation. Employment law in California is an in-depth and extensive topic, and being able to effectively navigate these legal waters requires a competent and skilled guide, a qualified employment law attorney.

Employment Law For Employees

Employment Law Attorney For Employees In California Attorney Patricia A. Savage, with the Law Offices of Patricia A. Savage, offers legal services to protect employees in the workplace. Many of the problems that occur in the workplace are unexpected, often recurring and include issues related to the payment of wages such as: failure to pay...

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Business Law

As most seasoned business owners will attest, running a business is a highly complicated endeavor that can prove to be emotionally and financially draining. This is especially true when one has to inevitably deal with some form of business litigation that threatens his/her very livelihood. During times like these, one must act carefully and take strategic steps to ensure the most favorable resolution, which is where the counsel of a seasoned business law expert can come into play.

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Class Action Law

Due to the large number of parties that it involves, class action law is easily one of the most complex and confusing areas of the law in California. In fact, class action law rulings are rarely handed without the extensive involvement of an attorney. For this reason, it is important that you consult with a qualified class action law attorney if you’re involved with or seeking to initiate any form of class action litigation.

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Civil Litigation

Are you or someone you know facing or dealing with civil litigation? A way to resolve a variety of disputes among two or more involved parties, civil litigation law is extensive and covers a broad range of contexts. In order to help ensure that your civil litigation matter does not get out of hand and/or proceeds in a way that is beneficial to you, you need to secure expert legal counsel, someone experienced with civil litigation law in Caifornia.

Seasoned attorney Patricia A. Savage has helped countless clients deal with their civil litigation issues in California, and can help you with your civil litigation matter. With a reputation for putting clients first, you can be sure that Patricia A. Savage will make your cause her own as she seeks to secure a resolution that works for you.

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