Employment law is a trap for the unwary, whether you are an employer or an employee. In order to steer clear of trouble in the workplace it’s imperative that you understand the rules which control every employment environment. Some of the rules which control a workplace environment may be dictated by the State of California, by our federal government or by policies and practices identified in a workplace manual.

If you don’t understand the rules that control your workplace environment your life can be turned upside down. Suddenly the little management issue you didn’t take care of can explode into a civil suit, causing you years of frustration and skyrocketing attorney’s fees. A wrongful termination can become an injury in the eyes of an employee which destroys their pride, seriously injuries their lifestyle and causes aggravated personal pain to them and to family members.

My practice is focused on seeing the big picture and assisting employers and employees who are trying to do everything right but may not understand how the law works in their favor – or works against them. My practice also takes into consideration the employment situation from both sides of the table, including workers who have devoted their life to a business or company, and have suddenly found themselves on the outside looking in.

If you need help understanding California wage and hour law, expense reimbursement, overtime exemptions, discrimination, harassment, arbitration, class action waivers, the role of independent contractors, hiring and wrongful termination, then call our office and set up an appointment today. Yes, there are a lot of big firms out there that can help you with these trying times. But what my practice offers is a fresh look at problems that can be examined without the exorbitant costs of a big firm. My practice also offers the ability to understand the urgency of your situation, without charging you excessively before a “game plan” has even been put in place.

Whether you are a new employer just trying to get everything right — or an employee who feels belittled and hurt by your most recent employment experience: Call me, I think we can help.

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